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The SocialCoin is a stable unstable community Coin.

The Coin is stable fighting inflation, unstable because

only increasing in value as soon as the backing starts and a

community Coin because the SocialCoin can be earned in

the telegram group or by submitting scam and thereby is

helpful for other people.

The SocialCoin is just initiated to fight inflation of Euro (€)

an US-Dollar (US-$).

Inflation in other countries with different currencies are

fought by using € or US-$ as payment method.

Coins can be earned by submitting scam to Satoshi-World.de

using the google document as form https://shorturl.at/gBDZ7 and also in our telegram

group https://t.me/+NF2Bkh22tV5lMThi posting helpful

things how to give more value to the Social-Coin and exact

guides how to do something or where to register.

At least a part of these earnings will then be used to start

the backing of the SocialCoin.

I am thinking of at least 50 % (but I cannot promise !!!).

Advertisement income on my website Satoshi-World.de will

always be for Satoshi-World.de.

But if you bring an advertiser or sponsor to me, you will earn

SocialCoins too !!!

The faster and the more SocialCoins you collect the more of

your Coins take part in the backing.

The less SocialCoins we have to back the bigger the increase per Coin.

For example if you have two SocialCoins and the value is

10 €, you own 20 € and 2 Coins are taking part in the next

backing round every end of a month.

If you have 10 SocialCoins, you own 100 € and 10 Coins are

taking part in the next backing round.


New Alltimehighs are always announced at the end of a

month in the group but also on Satoshi-World.de.

The aim is to integrate a 24 or 48 hour countdown on our

website Satoshi-World.de in Berlin time because germany is

the location of Satoshi-World.de and the SocialCoin. 

As soon as the SocialCoin gets the first backing, there will

be no way to decrease for a very long period of time (or

maybe forever).


In the telegram group we are mainly working on income

streams: how to find and integrate new income streams for

the website Satoshi-World.de and the SocialCoin but we are

also sharing our joy over new Alltimehighs or when

we accomplish something and keep things going.

The first income stream we will use are Cookies to earn

interest (for example shopping brands like amazon etc.).

I will give my best to make the start with Cookies but I have

to do a lot of work: working on this website, keeping on the

voting on CoinVote.cc and trying to get listed on another