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Thank you very much to all voters on CoinVote.cc !!!!!

Sometimes the SocialCoin is getting over 3000 votes a day. That`s really great !!!!!

Thank you for your support !!!!!



Anyone following my website or already voting for me on

Coinvote.cc and anyone else, can easily get 3 SocialCoins just by voting and by writing an e-mail to

Satoshi-World@web.de !!! 

So please vote for the SocialCoin on Coinvote.cc !!!

You have 2 votes and can vote again every hour !!!


Use the following form:


1 task: vote for SocialCoin on


Coinvote.cc: https://coinvote.cc/coin/SocialCoin


and on: https://coinvote.cc/airdrop/Satoshi-World.de

By now we are at place number 6, airdrop name



Or you can just click on the CoinVote link on my website.


Your e-mail should just contain:


A. MintMe.com Wallet address:

You can download here:




B. What can Satoshi-World do, to reach YouTubers ???

I know Google Ads but what else (suggestions / only if you

have an idea / if not, leave blank).



This little airdrop is especially for those who are already supporting the SocialCoin on CoinVote.cc by voting, for those who are watching my website day by day but also for those who are just interested in the Coin or project.

And the airdrop is also for those who have good ideas.   :-)



Satoshi-World.de is planning a big airdrop to make Satoshi-World.de and the SocialCoin more public !!!