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1st SocialCoin Airdrop !!!


This first Airdrop is for all people already



voting on


interested people on


MintMe.com Exchange

and referrals !!!


You are the first who have the chance to get

your first SocialCoins (SOC) and

because you are part of Satoshi-World

from the very start,

you have the chance to make the most

SocialCoins of all participants.

You are invited to take part in the next airdrop

too and you can get some 

SocialCoins on top !!!

The higher your Stake

(the more SocialCoins you have),

the higher your chance

to solve the next block,

when it comes to our own blockchain !!!

And that`s our aim !!!

In this airdrop we also pay for tasks

that cannot be checked !!!

But we believe in building up a community

of only honest people !!!   :-)

Any airdrop task will give you

1 SocialCoin,

and you can get

9 SocialCoins altogether.

I am thinking of a value of

25 € per SocialCoin (SOC),

this would be a fair payment for a

clone website.


To record the registration process,

you can use Camstudio,

website for download is:


or adware free:


or you use another software,

then watch this video:


Or watch this video

to get another software:



Use the following form

for the airdrop:







We pay:

1 (of 2) for registration at the MintMe.com                      Exchange (but we need a video of

             it !!!!!)

             plus SocialCoin more, you can                   claim on " Active Airdrop" page on the               Exchange right after registration.

      (You find it at the top of the website:                  Click "Trade", choose "Token" and at                  the right click "Active Airdrops", search for        the "SocialCoin", click it and at the top              there will be a banner. If you click it, you            can participate and get your first                        SocialCoin immediately before the airdrop          distribution !!!

      It`s a very easy task !!!

      And please use this, your first SocialCoin            to create a sell order on the Exchange !!!

      You decide about the price !!!

      If there are no sell orders, we will never            get a SocialCoin value !!!

      The more sell orders, the more likely it is

      that someone will buy it !!!

      But only the lowest sell order has a chance        to get filled !!!

Please do a video of the whole registration process !!!

We need a proof to reward you!!!


Please use this referral link !!!:






1 for starting to vote on CoinVote.cc !!!


Please use this link:





1 for joining our group on telegram !!!


Please use this invitation link:



If the link is not valid, please, search for "Satoshi-World" !!!




1 for joining my group on facebook, liking my       post there and sharing my post on your               facebook profile and following me !!!


Please use this link: 



And add me (Sith Satoshi) as friend:




1 for liking my pinned tweet on Twitter !!!

   And retweeting our pinned tweet on

   Twitter, plus following me !!!


Please use this link:




1 for following my YouTube Channel !!!

Use this link:




On Facebook and Twitter I will only announce important things like a new airdrop or will offer other tasks to you to get more SocialCoins... You are not spammed !!!

To check the airdrop form and do the distribution can always take up to several weeks, the second airdrop maybe takes half a year or more !!! Just for you to know !!!



Please, use the following

airdrop form / link

(the Google guidelines apply to the Google document):





Satoshi-World strongly recommends to

participate in this airdrop !!!

Try to get as many SocialCoins as possible for your later stake, when it comes to our own blockchain !!!




Here are

10 good reasons

why to

participate in this airdrop:



1. You get free lifetime access to the website

    Satoshi-Word.de and its list of scam and warnings !!!


2. The SocialCoin is already listed on the

    MintMe.com Exchange and can be sold / traded there !!!

    Direct invitation link to the SocialCoin

    (please create a video of the whole registration process        of using my referral link to get SocialCoins even after the      airdrop end !!!):




Please always use my referral links to support

Satoshi-World and the SocialCoin !!!


3. These SocialCoins claimed by the airdrop are the first

    SocialCoins on the whole market !!!

    There were only a few scam reports.


4. It´s you who decide about the price on the Exchange !!!

    There is and was no ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or other

    kind of Presale.

    Create your own sell order.

    The demand will come !!!


5. Only at the start Satoshi-World is giving away whole

    SocialCoins !!!

    Later the SocialCoin earnings by reporting scam and

    warnings will be adjusted !!!


6. The SocialCoin is limited to only 10.000.000 SocialCoins !!!

    So the total supply is less than the half of Bitcoin and can

    reach a higher value than the latest All-Time-High of BTC.

    The total supply of Bitcoin is 21.000.000 BTC.


7. Much more than 95 % of you will never be able to earn

    SocialCoins by reporting scam or a warning !!!


    a) you just don`t find clone websites or

    b) you are not scammed / your withdrawal is always


    c) you just forgot to record your investment or

        withdrawal to have / give a proof of it

        That`s why you should always record your investments,

           deposits and withdrawals !!!


8. You help making Satoshi-World and the SocialCoin

    better known !!!

    And this should be in your own interest because we all

    want the SocialCoin to reach the highest possible value.


9. You help to prevent / protect people

    a) from doing wrong investments / deposits and

    b) from using wrong websites (for example using websites

        that don`t pay)


10. No browser, antivirus program or other software /

      program can do the job of Satoshi-World !!!

      The chance to find e.g. a clone website is very low.

      So we, the community, need to reach as many people as

      possible to know about Satoshi-World and that they can

      earn SocialCoins by reporting scam to us.


The demand will come !!!

Just wait and see...

So try to claim as many (whole)

SocialCoins as long as it is possible !!!

When it comes to our

own blockchain, your stake

(your SocialCoins)

will decide about the chance

to mine the next block).

The more SocialCoins you have, the more

likely it will be to become

the next validator !!!



 If you think about the project, please, keep in mind that

our work can never be replaced by a robot,

program or software !!!

No browser or antivirus software is able to do our job !!!

And we don`t publish false positives !!!

Clone websites are listed

here on Satoshi-World and if you report a clone website

or an unexecuted withdrawal (with no confirmation),

you can earn SocialCoins.

No software can give you the first sign

of an Exit Scam: unexecuted withdrawals.

This needs to be reported and Satoshi-World wants

to become the number 1 listing website of

scam and warnings.

If withdrawals are executed, it`s fine and we will just

delist these websites.



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