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Report Scam and earn SocialCoins !!!


Earn 1, 2 or more SocialCoins (SOC) by submitting scam and warnings to

Satoshi-World.de using the following form:

https://shorturl.at/gBDZ7(a google document) !!!



All Bitcoin Generators or Faucet Collectors are scam !!!

You get nothing or you have to pay the fees or an amount of

money in advance.

But you will never get Coins, it`s just scam !!!

And always be careful with installations too !!!

May be you install malicious software.

In the meantime a lot of scam exchanges are coming along

pretending you have won and / or are holding a higher

amount of cryptocurrency on this exchange but to be able to

withdraw, you have to deposit e.g. 0,01 Bitcoin to identify.

This is scam too !!!

You see, the internet is crowded with scam and to earn

SocialCoins you just have to report it to Satoshi-World.de


There are also 2 options to earn SocialCoins:

1. to submit scam or

2. later in our telegram group:


(here you can earn the most Coins, SocialCoin whales are born here).


1.a) So we pay 1 SocialCoin for Bitcoin Generators and

Faucet Collectors as well as for clone or fake websites (of

another existing website).

But we don`t need websites already offline or blocked by

your browser or antivirus software !!!!!

For example you will get 1 SocialCoin for https://pancakes-

sw.com/ (already listed) which is a clone website of the

original https://pancakeswap.finance/ website.

Here we are only in need of the clone website and the

original website.

This is the easiest way to earn a SocialCoin, anyone can do.


1.b) If a video of proof is needed, for example for pending

withdrawals (here we need the withdrawal address) with no

confirmation or deposits completely confirmed (here we

need the deposit address), we pay 2 SocialCoins, 1 for the

website and 1 for the video of proof.

The full withdrawal address or deposit address / public key

but not the PRIVATE KEY (it`s just for yourself !!!) should be

below the video for anyone to check by copy and paste !!!

We are in need of that, because content can also be delistet,

if a withdrawal is fully confirmed or a deposit is credited.


Always keep to the time frame of your service - or website-provider for deposits and withdrawals !!!

If the time frame is 6 hours and you are submitting to us

after e.g. 4 hours, we won`t list it !!!

To get this information is your job, read the FAQs !!!


1.c). Depending on your submitted websites and work, it`s even possible to earn more than 2 SocialCoins but these are very special cases.


2. Later it will be even possible to earn Coins in our

community group on telegram (Satoshi-World.de) invitation

link: https://t.me/+NF2Bkh22tV5lMThi, because the

SocialCoin is a real Community Coin.

Together we will work on projects to earn / earn more and it

will come to a backing of our Coin.

Just dare to join our group and ask your questions there.

SocialCoin "whales" will be born in our Community (in the

group) or you submit as many scam websites as you can !!!

You are invited even if you have no SocialCoins but you want

to earn some Coins.


The internet is full of scam especially regarding

cryptocurrencies because of anonymity.

This website`s job is to list all scam content and should prevent you from doing wrong investments.



Because of scam it`s best, to always record what you are

doing for investments !!!

Then you have a  proof for yourself and when it comes to an

exit scam, you have a proof for the police.

If everything is okay, for example you deposited, traded and

withdraw your money again, you can delete it.

I recommend always to record every investment or

withdrawal and deposit you do !!!

A good first choice for records is the freeware programm


They have a own website, https://camstudio.org/ and there

you can download the latest version.



What you can do to support the project:


To be successful, we all have to give our best.

The SocialCoin won`t get a surprising value just over night !!!

The SocialCoin is a One-For-All and All-For-One Community

Coin, anyone can earn by submitting scam and / or later in

our group.

1. If you want our SocialCoin to become successful, you can

support Satoshi-World.de by sharing this following website

again and again:




on all your Social Media Channels: Facebook, Telegram,

Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Instagram, Whatsapp, Signal and

whatever you use.


A referral system will be integrated later and you will earn

SocialCoins for getting referrals then !!!

But now we are at the start of the project.


2. Another great opportunity for yourself and to support

Satoshi-World.de is:


You can start to invest your money in StakeCube.net and

start to earn 7,572% interest per year on cryptocurrencies !!!


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StakeCube.net is a very strong and great investment platform where you can earn 7,572 % per year on special interest coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and StakeCube Coin.

The payout is daily (!!!):


7,572 % per year : 365 days = 0,02 % daily


And you can earn interest just by depositing to StakeCube !!!

You don`t have to freeze or lock your coins and even

withdrawals of these interest coins are feeless too !!!!!

Transactions (withdrawals) are made nearly instant !!!

And you even get interest on your Coins stuck in trades !!!

I have never known a better platform that`s why I

recommend it !!!!!




If there are any questions concerning StakeCube.net or in general, you can always ask in the group.

Just dare to join !!!



3. If you always want to get more, you can start using my

Referral Links !!! That`s also a good choice to support





4. Another opportunity to support Satoshi-World is:

You can buy my SocialCoin (SOC) on MintMe.com platform to support my project, the price is set to 1 € (Euro) / per Coin in MintMe but is based on Bitcoin and depends on the current Bitcoin price.


Here is the invitation link of MintMe.com to buy my Coin:






At the time 1 SocialCoin can be bought for 100 MintMe.

The price in MintMe will be adjusted from time to time

depending on the current Bitcoin price !!!

You can buy in MintMe, BTC, ETH, USDC and BNB.

I prefer BTC (Bitcoin) as it is our backing Coin.

So it`s even possible to trade the SocialCoin or just enjoy the

backing later !!!


The SocialCoin can only be bought at the fixed rate and can

only increase in value !!!


The Coins sold on the Exchange are used for new

advertisement and banner campaigns, as well as building up

a referral system wherefor we are in need of a programmer.

A banner campaign was already running for 7 days and a

100.000 views campaign ended already...

It`s possible to advertise here on Satoshi-World.de and to be

part in our campaigns.

Just write to Satoshi-World@web.de and tell me a price for

advertising on Satoshi-World.de or become a sponsor.

Contact: Satoshi-World@web.de 



The backing of the SocialCoin:

The backing of the SocialCoin will be in Satoshis (Bitcoin) !!!

50 % of the income in Satoshis will (hopefully soon) be used to back all our SocialCoins !!!

Only your earned SocialCoins and my sold SocialCoins take

part in the backing !!!

If I will sell SocialCoins on MintMe.com, it`s even

possible that I start the backing (or increase the backing

price) with an amount of my sold SocialCoins !!!

There is no way down for our Coin (!!!), only when our Coin

gets listed on another Exchange.

But we will always have the backing of our Coin !!!

The next step is: listing on another Exchange, which is very

expensive too (herefor I will also use my income !!!).

The higher the worth of our Coin, the better the start on the

new Exchange !!!


How to receive your SocialCoins:

The new SocialCoin is deployed on a different blockchain,

the MintMe.com blockchain !!!

The platform for the SocialCoin is: MintMe.com

The MintMe.com Coin is already listed on coinmarketcap:



Here you can download the official MintMe Wallet (on

GitHub) which you are in need of to receive your

SocialCoins !!!

The download is here:




for Windows, you need: 




Always keep your Kestore File or Passphrase save and write your password down !!!!!



Rules for your content:

The website you are submitting still has to be online to

get payment.

The language should be english or you can do it without


It should be short and only showing the proof (for example

withdrawal was made but there is no transaction created.

The link of your video should be public and accessible

without login, you can use youtube or whatever you like.

Please check before submitting !!!

We are not in need of offline websites as our listed websites

will go offline anyway !!!

And Offline Websites can do no harm.


We pay your earned SocialCoins right after listing your content !!!

There will be no delay ( block time is 10 seconds) and so we all will have our Coins before listing on another Exchange !!!


After a period of time of listing scam content, the backing of all your and the sold SocialCoins will start.

The community should determine the price of our SocialCoin first on the new Exchange.


Money is needed to go on with the project and to start our

own blockchain !!!

As far as a value is given to the SocialCoin, you can sell your Coins to Satoshi-World.de at any time at the fixed rate with no fees.

I believe in the SocialCoin and an unstoppable increase of

our Coin.


Please always wait for the right moment to sell your Coins on MintMe.com.


The backing of the SocialCoin is concipated just to increase

the value of our Coin and not to worry about inflation.

That`s why you don`t get 1000 or more Coins for 1

scam content.

The less Coins we have to back the higher the value for

1 Coin.

The aim is to give the SocialCoin the highest possible value

before listing on an Exchange to have the best start.

Noone would sell his coins on an Exchange just for the

backing amount, because of trading- and withdrawal-fees.

Satoshi-World.de charges no fees !!!



We are listing all kinds of cryptocurrency scams and even shops if you are able to give the proof for a scam.

But it`s really hard to give a proof for shops.

So our main job will be listing cryptocurrency content.

If you want to know more about us and our work, please

read in the next time through the "about Satoshi-World"

section but it`s under maintenance now and we are adding

content here only bit by bit !!!

We decided to start our work of listing scam content right

here, right now.

But I think, this overview should contain all important things.

If there are any questions left, please use the groups or

write to:




Believe me, the SocialCoin has a very high potential to

become a very worthful Coin !!!!!