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You can always support Satoshi-World by using my referral links !!!!!

If you are absolutely new to crypto (cryptocurrencies) or a

professional, Satoshi-World.de with its own SocialCoin is the right

choice !!!

My income depends on the community and the more income is

generated, the more I can do for you, for the SocialCoin (for example

listing on another Exchange) and for this website Satoshi-World.de.

So, if you are not registered on the MintMe.com Exchange, please, use

my referral link and record your whole registration process !!!

After clicking my referral link, please click at the URL bar then that the

whole URL of my referral link is shown and then register.

For the video use CamStudio for example.

(I will create a video for you, that you are all able to use it).

Direct download link:


This is an older version 2.7.3. but free of ad- and spyware !!!

Or you can download it on github.com or their website !!!

After registration you will directly get to the SocialCoin and can create

your sell orders.

In my upcoming Airdrop, starting the 1st of May 2023, you can

immediately grab 0,5 SocialCoin (SOC) on this Exchange after

successful registration.


Here is my referral link:




 And I beg you, to register on the following Faucets:

Cointiply, Freebitco.in and Freebitcoin.io !!!

Always record your registration process and after clicking my

referral link, always click once at the URL bar, so that my referral link

is shown (if possible).

If it is not shown leave it like it is and register !!!

Cointiply has an 1 hour timer and then you can claim on all these

Faucets once every hour.

If you are rich or poor, it only takes some seconds (much less than a minute) to claim (roll) on these 3 Faucets.

Satoshi-World is getting 25% to 50% of your claims / rolls.

So, if all Satoshi-World members would claim or roll every hour, it`s

possible to generate an income for Satoshi-World.

The more you do for me, the more I can do for you, for example listing

at another Exchange !!!!!

My whole system (so that I don`t have to sell my own SocialCoins !!!)

is build on the principle:


All-For-One and One-For-All !!!



The Cointiply referral link is:




The Freebitco.in referral link is:




The Freebitcoin.io referral link is:




You can also register on FaucetPay, it`s a micropayment wallet and

earnings platform.

Here you can choose between hundrets of Faucets,

do offerwalls, surveys and watch PTC ads (Paid to click = watching

websites) and get your payments to FaucetPay.

There are a lot of direct paying Faucets.

The withdrawal limit for Bitcoin (BTC) are only 10.000 Satoshis and the

fees are only 600 Satoshis at the time (21st November 2022).


The FaucetPay referral link is:












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