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Useful Referral Links for anyone to earn / get more:


1. Cointiply


Referral Link: http://cointiply.com/r/017JG

Cointiply is a bigger platform where you can roll the free faucet every hour and get from 25 Coins (~12 Satoshis at the current Bitcoinprice) to 100.000 Coins (~50.000 Satoshis) and more, depending on the current jackpot. I already won the jackpot of more than 200.000 Coins (~100.000 Satoshis). The highest jackpot I have ever seen here on Cointiply was more than 600.000 Coins (~300.000 Satoshis). You`ll win the jackpot if you roll the 99.999.

But Cointiply is so much bigger and offers offer walls, PTC service (for both advertisers and earners who watch these ads), watching videos etc.



https://mix-crypto.com/?r=bc1qpj7hppstg8thwncjdu8wyxnhexmll8p8ctl204 (12 Satoshis)

https://diggcrypto.xyz/bitcoin/?r=bc1qpj7hppstg8thwncjdu8wyxnhexmll8p8ctl204 (3 Sats / 5 Min)

http://starbits.io/?r=bc1qpj7hppstg8thwncjdu8wyxnhexmll8p8ctl204 (1 Sat / 10 Min)

http://gobits.io/?r=bc1qpj7hppstg8thwncjdu8wyxnhexmll8p8ctl204 (1 Sat / 15 Min)



. Binance.com

If you don`t have a Binance account and you use my referral link, you can receive a 100 USDT

cashback voucher.

You just have to register and make a deposit of more than 50 $ or 50 € within 14 days after


And then you are member of the world`s biggest Exchange with a 100 USDT cashback

voucher on top.

We (Satoshi-World) are getting this voucher too, so you also support my project.

Referral Link for Binance.com Exchange:





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