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Useful Referral Links for anyone to earn / get more:


1. StakeCube.net

StakeCube.net is a platform to earn 7,572 % interest per year on special Coins.

The payout is daily: 7,572 % per year : 365 days = 0,02 daily interest !!!

Supported Coins are: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and StakeCube Coin (platform own Coin).

The minimum limit to take part to get interest, is very low:

Bitcoin only:   50 000 Satoshis

Litecoin only:   0,05 Litecoin

Dogecoin:   1 000 Dogecoin

Dash only only:   0,05 Dash

StakeCube Coin only:   20 StakeCube Coins

You are getting interest on your balance without having to freeze or lock your Coins !!!

You are even getting interest on your trade balances !!!

You can withdraw your Coins at any time and

withdrawals of these Coins are feeless too and are made (nearly) instant !!!

You can even start to deposit smaller amounts, they are credited too, until you reach the limit to

take part in their interest programm !!! So it`s even suitable for people doing Faucets !!!

The best platform I`ve ever known, so I can only recommend StakeCube !!!!!

Referral Link for StakeCube.net:




Anyone depositing at least the minimum amount of Coins to earn interest,

will get 10 SocialCoins on top !!!

Please read the "Actions !!!" site (in the middle) because I need your screenshots or

photos and your MintMe wallet (nearer description in the "Actions !!!" site) and read

"How to receive SocialCoins" because it`s a different blockchain !!!

You can then send it to Satoshi-World@web.de or post it in the groups.



 2. Binance.com

If you don`t have a Binance account and you use my referral link, you can receive a 100 USDT

cashback voucher.

You just have to register and make a deposit of more than 50 $ or 50 € within 14 days after


And then you are member of the world`s biggest Exchange with a 100 USDT cashback

voucher on top.

We (Satoshi-World) are getting this voucher too, so you also support my project.

Refferral Link for Binance.com Exchange: